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North Carolina Personal Injury News

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“Self-Talk” and North Carolina Personal Injury Plaintiffs

February 21, 2013

If you were harmed in a car crash or hurt by a defective drug or medical product in North Carolina–or, worse, witnessed a loved one suffer due to another party’s negligence/carelessness–you have more important things to deal with than your…

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Avoid “Reinventing the Wheel” After Your Injury in North Carolina

February 14, 2013

As someone who has been injured in North Carolina — by a bad product, poorly maintained medical device, mislabeled pharmaceutical, etc. — you may feel totally isolated, confused, and alone. No one you know has ever been through anything like…

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3 Warning Signs That Your Current North Carolina Mass Tort Law Firm Isn’t Getting the Job Done

February 5, 2013

Not all North Carolina mass tort law firms are created equal. If you’ve noticed any of these three signs, seriously consider finding a new legal team. 1. Your law firm’s administrative office seems discombobulated and all over the place. Perhaps…

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3 Reasons to File a North Carolina Class Action or Mass Tort

January 1, 2013

Maybe your spouse suffered serious internal bleeding after being put on the wrong medication or your pediatrician misdiagnosed your child’s illness, causing tragic, potentially life-altering consequences. Yet the decision to file a lawsuit — or to participate in a class…