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Avoid “Reinventing the Wheel” After Your Injury in North Carolina

Posted on February 2013    

As someone who has been injured in North Carolina — by a bad product, poorly maintained medical device, mislabeled pharmaceutical, etc. — you may feel totally isolated, confused, and alone. No one you know has ever been through anything like what you are currently going through. You might be fooled into thinking that your situation is somehow completely unique in the history of the universe.

However, odds are that your situation is far from unique. You’re not alone. There are people and processes that can help you through your tough times and help you regain certainty, collect compensation, and punish wrongdoers.

Even if you read and believe those words, emotionally, you probably resisted the implications. Why? Because human beings are not necessarily abstract creatures — we are social creatures. If we can’t see social proof, we have a hard time accepting counterintuitive concepts.

It’s also very different to experience an injury — or to see a spouse or loved one suffer from a botched surgery or medication error — than it is to read about an injury in the news. Even with a multimedia approach — using vivid language, evocative photography and video, audio, etc. — you can’t really convey certain personal experiences to other people.

Think back to what it was like when you were a small child. Although you have certain memories of being a kid — and some of these memories may be colored with emotions and painted in vivid scenes — in some sense, you can never remember what it was like to be a small child, no matter how hard you try. The point is that there is a disconnect between what you’re going through and what, even sympathetic folks, are capable of understanding about your situation.

This disconnect is why North Carolina mass tort and class action lawsuits are so important — because they bring together otherwise isolated individuals who’ve suffered very similar types of harm to seek justice in a collaborative and strategic way.

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