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3 Reasons to File a North Carolina Class Action or Mass Tort

Posted on January 2013    

Maybe your spouse suffered serious internal bleeding after being put on the wrong medication or your pediatrician misdiagnosed your child’s illness, causing tragic, potentially life-altering consequences.

Yet the decision to file a lawsuit — or to participate in a class action or mass tort in North Carolina — can nevertheless be very hard to make. Here are three reasons to work through your misgivings and at least set up a consultation with an accurate, effective mass tort law firm, like DeMayo Law Offices, to explore your legal options:

1. Prevent what happened to you or your loved one from happening to other people.

Large insurance corporations and big companies are deep-pocketed and powerful; they often do what they want, irrespective of consumer interests. How can you stop their bad practices? Alone, it’s difficult. But when you team up with other injured parties, you can compel companies to “make good” on fiduciary promises and protect other people in your community from having to go through what you’ve been through.

2. The costs of long-term injuries really add up — and you may need cash to deal with them.

Perhaps your injury will lead you to need life-long therapy, prosthetics, or medications. The lifetime costs of treatment can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. Even if you’re not feeling the financial pain now, you might soon, and for years to come.

3. Taking action can help restore your sense of autonomy and control.

You’ve been “victimized” by a defective product, drug, or medical negligence. You’ve lost some control over your life, and that lost hurts, in addition to and apart from the pain itself. Human beings have a primal need for autonomy. We need to create order in our world. By participating in a legal action — be it a personal injury lawsuit or class action — you can reestablish that sense of autonomy, which in turn might boost your self-esteem, confidence, and even immune system.

Not everyone who gets injured needs to (or should) participate in a lawsuit or class action. But it doesn’t hurt to explore your options. Get in touch with DeMayo Law Offices for a free, confidential, and no pressure consultation about the legal options at your disposal.

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