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3 Warning Signs That Your Current North Carolina Mass Tort Law Firm Isn’t Getting the Job Done

Posted on February 2013    

Not all North Carolina mass tort law firms are created equal. If you’ve noticed any of these three signs, seriously consider finding a new legal team.

1. Your law firm’s administrative office seems discombobulated and all over the place.

Perhaps the administrative assistant keeps forgetting your name, even though you’ve been a client for months. Or maybe your calls to your attorney repeatedly go unreturned.

Incompetence in the front office often suggests incompetence lurking in other aspects of the business.

2. Your attorney — and other people who work on your case — don’t seem to understand where you’re coming from emotionally.

First, a caveat. There are many great North Carolina class action lawyers who are anything but “warm and fuzzy.” And just because an attorney provides empathy doesn’t mean that he or she will do a good job with your case.

However, if you’re getting the sense that the attorney would rather be on the phone with other clients or — that your case is really a kind of second banana — then you should be concerned. A firm that ignores your questions or emotional needs will be unlikely to fight, tooth and nail, for the type of results that you really want.

3. You read reviews from other clients (not competitors!) that ding the firm or give it only mediocre marks.

The best predictor of future performance is past performance. Period.

If your law firm cannot point to any highly satisfied clients — i.e., there are no client testimonials — or, conversely, if you find numerous disgruntled former clients, pay attention to those red flags. Do understand that even the greatest law firms have their detractors. Likewise, even mediocre law firms can often sell themselves based on a handful of testimonials. Nevertheless, the law firm’s past clients’ collective assessment can give you deep insight into what to expect.

If you’ve experienced any one of these three signs, please connect with DeMayo Law Offices. As one of the most renowned North Carolina class action law firms in business today, we’d be happy to provide an independent second opinion about your case.

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