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Your Beliefs about Your Defective Drug Case Are Misguided

Posted on March 2013    

Winning a North Carolina defective drug and medical equipment case requires counterintuitive wisdom.

You and your family have suffered so much. You have a vivid, detailed picture in your mind about what went wrong, why it went wrong, who caused what, and what should be done next.

You might be right about some of your conclusions. But odds are  that you are overlooking important insights into your case and fretting needlessly over trivial elements.

Intellectually, you possibly agree–sure, your narrative might not be totally accurate. But this lack of accuracy could lead you to make misplaced judgments. Maybe the lesson hasn’t really hit home.

Here’s a new way to understand this concept. An environmental blogger, named “TreeHugger,” recently wrote a puff piece about dolphins called “Ten Reasons Why Dolphins are Undeniably Awesome.” It’s a fun little piece and certainly innocent enough.

The Nikola Tesla-infatuated cartoonist, The Oatmeal, may beg to disagree–witness his provocative cartoon “5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth.”

But The Oatmeal is not alone in his distaste for dolphins. Another blogger responded to the environmentalist’s dolphin valentine by pointing out 10 reasons why dolphins are not so lovable. Here’s a quick summary of those reasons:

  • “They gang rape females”;
  • “They will make sexual advances towards human beings”;
  • “They kill babies of other species” (as well as their own babies);
  • They can stay awake for 5 days at a time with zero loss of mental stamina;
  • They are “veracious predators … stone cold meat eaters [who hunt together in a] coordinated [way]… focused on decimating prey.”
  • “Dolphins like to screw around with other animals just for the hell of it.”

And on and on.

You might be thinking “what bearing does this esoteric debate about dolphins have on my North Carolina defective product case and potential lawsuit?”

The point is this: Everyone intuitively loves dolphins. Little kids draw pictures of them, our movies lionize them, etc. But these creatures may not be all sunshine and rainbows.

If you’re blinded to the truth in ANY situation, you can make serious mistakes.

Likewise, if you hold certain “rotten paradigms” about North Carolina defective product lawsuits, you are bound to make trivial errors and substantial omissions that will cost you dearly.

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