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A Perfect Metaphor for How NOT to Fight a North Carolina Class Action Case

Posted on March 2013    

The so-called Hermit Kingdom of North Korea recently launched a nuclear weapon test near the border of China, prompting nearly universal approbation from foreign powers. It’s a perfect example of how NOT to succeed, whether you’re building a foreign policy or waging a North Carolina personal injury case.

That may sound like a surprisingly bold statement-after all, North Korea’s nuclear policies may be reprehensible–no one in his or her right mind would defend the Hermit Kingdom’s Human Rights record. However, you could argue that bluster and aggression can win you chits in the foreign policy game. Likewise, you might believe that “swinging a big stick” can help you win a North Carolina class action lawsuit by, for instance, scaring a defendant into settling with you.

Let’s be clear: there IS a time and a place for appropriate aggression.

To win in a negotiation, you must be able to show strength. However, if you show strength in a non-strategic or destructive manner, you can, ironically, tie your hands. You might also miss out on opportunities to get more money AND to come away from the experience feeling good about the process.

“Pugilism” should be in your bag of tricks. But it should not be your only trick.

Foreign policy negotiations and personal injury cases have much in common. In both situations, multiple parties are playing for enormous stakes. Just like a savvy foreign policy guru should have a full bag of “sticks and carrots” in his or her arsenal; so, too, should your North Carolina mass tort law firm have a diversity of strategies, tools, and resources at hand.

The team at DeMayo Law Offices so often succeeds with complex cases (including class actions) because we work strategically rather than impetuously. We know that your situation is in many ways unique — and also very intense and emotional. Our team will work with you throughout the case to help you stay grounded, so you feel in control of your destiny and your time.

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