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Passengers from Charlotte Involved in a Serious North Carolina Train Accident

Posted on March 2015    

The need for train crossing safety equipment improvements has never been as high as now as we continue to hear about serious train accidents. As one of the world’s most conventional forms of transportation, and still in some cases less expensive than flights, many find themselves asking, “Is it safe to travel by train?” Unfortunately, over 200 people were shocked when an Amtrak train originating in Charlotte and a tractor trailer collided in a very serious North Carolina train accident.

Around noon on March 9, 2015, an Amtrak train from Charlotte, North Carolina traveling towards Halifax County, North Carolina at NC 903 and US 301, 30 miles outside of Rocky Mount collided when the truck attempted to cross the railroad tracks. The accident occurred when the 18-Wheeler was unable to clear the train tracks and Amtrak #79 hit it.

It remains unclear how long cleanup will take, but investigations into the North Carolina train accident are ongoing at this time. News reports indicate that the truck was trapped in between the crossing arms while attempting to follow a police escort around a difficult left turn over the tracks. At this time, the speed of the train has not been determined. There are reports that over 30 people were injured in this serious accident.

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