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Five Tips To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on January 2022    

While riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, it can also become dangerous in a hurry if you’re not careful. Due to high rates of speed and other factors such as not having an airbag and not wearing a seatbelt, catastrophic injuries or a fatal accident can occur.

To help keep you safe, we have compiled a list of five tips to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Tip #1 – Wear a Helmet

This tip should go without saying but, unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. In North Carolina, motorcycle operators and riders are required to wear a helmet.

The most common motorcycle accident injury, particularly among motorcyclists without helmets, are head injuries, some of which are life-altering traumatic brain injuries. By wearing a helmet, you significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll suffer a traumatic brain injury if you’re involved in an accident.

Also, make sure your helmet meets the standards recommended by the Department of Transportation. While the U.S. DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not approve helmets, they do conduct tests on some to ensure they meet their standards. Your helmet should have an outside symbol on the back that says “Model DOT” and “FMVSS No. 218 Certified.”

Tip #2 – Slow Down

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding. According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 33 percent of motorcycle riders involved in a fatal crash were speeding when the accident occurred.

Since you’re less protected when riding a motorcycle than occupants of motor vehicles are, your risk of serious injury is greater if there’s an accident. High rates of speed can compromise your ability to react quickly to unexpected hazards. It gives you less time to hit the brakes, handle curves, or react to an animal or debris in the roadway.

Tip #3 – Do Not Lane Split

Lane splitting is the practice of riding a motorcycle between lanes, or in and out of slow-moving or stopped traffic that is moving in the same direction.

When lane splitting, a motorcycle operator is dangerously close the other vehicles on the roadway they’re driving between. This only increases the odds of an accident occurring, even if it is not ultimately the motorcyclist’s fault. Drivers of other vehicles may be too focused on changing lanes or making a turn to even notice the oncoming motorcycle that’s splitting lanes. And if traffic is stopped, lane splitting opens you up to the possibility of a dooring accident, should one of the parked vehicle occupants open a door into your path without looking.

Tip #4 – Maintain Your Motorcycle

It is important that a motorcyclist keep their bike well maintained. Just like with a car, it is necessary to get motorcycles inspected and properly maintained on a frequent basis. That means checking tire pressure, tread, fluid levels, ensuring turn signals and lights are functioning properly, and the brakes are working properly. A well-trained mechanic may be able to spot something wrong with your motorcycle before you even realized there was an issue. In turn, this can prevent a potential accident on the roadway.

Tip #5 – Know Where You’re Going

While a joy ride on a nice summer day in familiar surroundings is fine, if you intend to take a long road trip, especially somewhere new, it is important to plan your route accordingly. Research the trip to better familiarize yourself with where you’re going, the types of highways and conditions you can expect, as well as any other hazards that you may encounter, including construction zones or inclement weather.

You should also consider sharing this information with your travel partners and a loved one who is not going on the trip so that they are aware of when you anticipate arriving. That way, should something unexpected occur, they would know where to look for you and get help to you in an emergency. This is especially important if you’re forced to travel into severe weather conditions.

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