Arrive Alive® Program Feedback

Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to bring the Arrive Alive program to Lake Norman High School. This is the fourth year I have seen your presentation and I believe that it is the most valuable program I have ever come across for students. You have proven to be a phenomenal speaker and are able to engage our teens and make an impact on them quickly. Thank you again for helping our students to make safe decisions.
Lindsay Weaver, Lake Norman High School

We absolutely loved the Arrive Alive ® Program this year. I think it was the best ever! I heard from the students and the faculty what an impact it had on our senior class. Students talked about it over and over – even came down to my room to talk about it more after the program.
Janet Prevatte, Coach of the Butler DREAM TEAM, Butler High School

I really appreciated your organized efforts for Arrive Alive ®. Michael A. DeMayo‘s speech was incredibly compelling; he kept students attentive at all times. My peers really appreciated Josh’s story and his mother’s passion to share it. We have not had any other guest speakers during an assembly this year, so this assembly has and will leave a lasting effect. Peggy and Josh were just great. Thank you so much for such a great job in making a difference in our community. You are appreciated!
Hayley Calkin, member of the Butler DREAM TEAM

On behalf of the students and staff at Independence, I would like to thank you for the Arrive Alive ® presentation. It was very moving and the kids are still talking about it. It hit home with me especially, as the DREAM Team coach, and the friend of someone who was killed by a drunk driver 2 weeks after we graduated. Everything was perfect – we only wish we could reach the whole school. Thanks again to you, Mr. DeMayo, and the family who shared their personal story.
Lisa Poston, DREAM Team advisor, Independence High School

On behalf of the students and staff at West Iredell High School, I want to send an enormous thanks to Mr. DeMayo, Peggy, Josh, and you for giving us the opportunity to have the Arrive Alive ® program at West again this year. Once again, the school is buzzing about what a powerful presentation this is and we appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in making an impact on our students.
Lindsay Weaver, West Iredell High School

If I did one thing right this year, it was getting the Arrive Alive ® Program to come to North Iredell High School! What a profound impact it had on our juniors and seniors. They talked about it for days and all stated it made them think about some of their habits. I think the combination of Mr. DeMayo’s PowerPoint presentation, and then Peggy and Josh … WOW!!! I can’t wait to get you back next year!!
Kim Swofford, North Iredell High School

We loved it. We especially appreciated Peggy and Josh. It was so compelling. My students are still talking about it. I know Josh will have touched more than one life.
Kathleen Gannett, The Fletcher School

Thank you for extending us the invitation for having the Arrive Alive ® program. It was truly an inspiration to our staff and students and we greatly appreciate it.
Ateira Gilmer, Forest Hills High School

I would like to say thank you so much for coming. It was a touching presentation which made a powerful impact on our students. The students I have already talked to say they cried or were near tears and that the information really made them think. This presentation is a GREAT thing, and our students were truly captivated by the presentation. Several times, I think you could almost hear a pin drop which is very amazing when you have 200 plus teenagers in a room together!!! I hope we can have you back year after year!!!!!
Kathy Cooper, Piedmont High School

Thank you so much. The kids have been talking about how good the presentation was. They really enjoyed it. I think that Josh and Peggy’s story really made an impression on the students (and myself). Thanks again and I hope we can do it again next year.
Lael Rorie, Porter Ridge High School

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