Arrive Alive® - Don't Drink and Drive

2015 Arrive Alive® Presentations:
In spring of 2015, the DeMayo Law Offices will once again offer the Arrive Alive® program to schools in the communities that we serve. The free, hour-long presentation will be offered to 10 schools (one morning program, one afternoon program) on a first come, first serve basis. Eligible schools must be located within 75 miles of our Charlotte office and have a minimum of 200 students at the presentation. We are very excited about presenting the Arrive Alive® program in 2015 and as in previous years, we will be presenting students with very powerful information that we hope they can use to make smarter decisions.


Arrive Alive Pledge - Don't Drink and Drive

Arrive Alive ® is one of our firm’s signature community service programs developed to show teens the tragedies that can result from underage drinking and driving. Held in conjunction with our scholarship program, Arrive Alive ® has been presented nearly 100 times to more than 50 different high schools since its inception in 2003.

Arrive Alive ® is targeted at high school juniors and seniors who constantly face the decision of underage drinking and driving. Often the opportunity is more prevalent during times of celebration, such as spring break, prom and graduation. Unfortunately, our office deals with alcohol-related accidents on almost a daily basis and it is our goal to be able to prevent even one tragic accident from occurring with our program. During the Arrive Alive ® presentation, Mr. DeMayo shares stories and graphic details of deadly drunk driving accidents that our office routinely encounters, including the loss of teenagers injured or killed as the result of drinking and driving.

In 2011, guest speakers Peggy and Josh Bennett shared their story of how drinking and driving devastated their lives. Josh Bennett, then 18, was severely brain injured in 2001 after driving while intoxicated and crashing his vehicle into an abutment. After waking from a five-month coma, Josh had a long and arduous recovery and will suffer from major brain damage for the rest of his life. His mother, Peggy, shared her message with teens about how Josh’s bad decision changed their lives forever.

In 2012, from April 30 – May 4 our firm was honored to present the Arrive Alive program to 8 area high schools. We were very fortunate to work with our phenomenal guest speaker Karl Kakadelis, 27, who shared the devastating effects an alcohol-related accident had on his life. When Karl was 19 years old he threw a graduation party, where he drank multiple beers. He and his best friend jumped in Karl’s jeep to go pick up another friend who was about a mile away. On the way there, Karl ran off the road, overcorrected, and flipped his jeep. His friend, Wayne, was thrown from the jeep and died several days later from his injuries. The presentation detailed what happened to Karl, not only that night, but in the months and years that followed the drinking and driving accident in which his best friend was killed.

To request an Arrive Alive ® program at your high school, please contact us at or [phone-number. Eligible schools must be located within 75 miles of our Charlotte office and have a minimum of 200 students at the presentation.

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