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Focus On Incremental Improvement, Not On “Miracles”

It’s a real tragedy – when you’re down and out and desperate for help. When applying forNorth Carolina social security disability benefits, you’re more likely to look for miracle solutions and less likely to find and leverage incremental efficiencies to make your life better. This mentality is understandable. When everything seems like it’s going wrong,...

Do You Really Need to Hire A Social Security Disability Law Firm?

How many injured and sick people really need a North Carolina Social Security Disability law firm to handle their claims? Truth be told, not everybody does! That may be surprising to read on this blog, given that is dedicated to finding and helping people who need help with their benefits cases. But some people just...

What If You Couldn’t Fall Back on North Carolina Social Security Disability?

Right now, you are in a desperate quest to secure a North Carolina Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim. You are sick or injured (or both), and you need financial assistance. Perhaps, you have already tapped the goodwill of friends and family members and are eating into your emergency savings at an alarming...

No Amount of North Carolina Social Security Benefits Will Make You “Feel Truly Secure”

It’s one of the biggest myths about Social Security Disability in North Carolina and beyond–that if you secure a steady stream of income or benefits, then you will feel secure and comfortable in your life. We all want certainty and security. These are fundamental human needs. And you should absolutely pursue them. However, the conventional...

Recovering After Social Security Disability: The Battle for Better Insight

What is the solution to your North Carolina social security disability crisis? Is it a new drug or other therapy that will magically cure your illness or at least make it less painful and serious? Is it a consultation with an experienced North Carolina social security disability law firm (like )? Is it success at...

One Huge Reason Why Medical Product Victims Never Hire Legal Counsel

As someone who was hurt by a defective medical instrument or piece of equipment in South Carolina, you know you need to “do something” to protect your rights and punish the physician or company responsible for the devastation. You’re not a student of the law. You lack the education to go to trial or fight...

Talk about a Train Wreck…

My friends give me a hard time about talking about personal injury and relevant concerns surrounding being hurt at the hands of someone else. Well–mama always said, “stick to what ya know.” I guess that coupled with my passion for taking care of people is threaded throughout the purpose of each post, but I guess...

A Perfect Metaphor for How NOT to Fight a North Carolina Class Action Case

The so-called Hermit Kingdom of North Korea recently launched a nuclear weapon test near the border of China, prompting nearly universal approbation from foreign powers. It’s a perfect example of how NOT to succeed, whether you’re building a foreign policy or waging a North Carolina personal injury case. That may sound like a surprisingly bold...

Your Beliefs about Your Defective Drug Case Are Misguided

Winning a North Carolina defective drug and medical equipment case requires counterintuitive wisdom. You and your family have suffered so much. You have a vivid, detailed picture in your mind about what went wrong, why it went wrong, who caused what, and what should be done next. You might be right about some of your...

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