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Talk about a Train Wreck…

Posted on May 2013    

My friends give me a hard time about talking about personal injury and relevant concerns surrounding being hurt at the hands of someone else. Well–mama always said, “stick to what ya know.” I guess that coupled with my passion for taking care of people is threaded throughout the purpose of each post, but I guess I’ll take a minute to comment on something else.

A train wreck. Folks, is it just me or has this Jodi Arias trial had you glued to the TV like a teenager to her cell phone? (That’s just a whole other story.) I’m a firm believer in one of the most fundamental concepts that all Americans have–innocent until proven guilty–but regardless of that, this is just crazy.

A few years ago during an interview (on camera), Arias told a reporter that “no jury would ever convict [her].” When that interview piece started replaying in preparation for her highly publicized trial, I’m expecting a defense grand enough to make cows jump over the moon. Instead, I see misstatements–some intentional and others just reckless. Expert after expert–giving testimony that in the expert’s own words, “should be reviewed by an expert.” And, arguably, the most troubling piece to all of this–multiple different defenses–each negated by statements following it. Goodness gracious! I couldn’t help but think–how will she ever survive the stress of a subsequent civil trial!

That’s right! When the criminal trial is done regardless of the outcome–there most likely will be a wrongful death case. The family members of her then boyfriend, Travis will live the rest of their lives without the love and companionship of a son, brother, and cousin. How does one even attempt to put a price on that? Well–very carefully. Believe it or not, courts do it all the time. And it’s no different right here in North Carolina. Regardless of any corresponding criminal conduct, the loss of a loved one will have a lasting and sometimes impossible to handle impact on families. In cases of wrongful death, it’s not a matter of getting justice–it’s a matter of being made whole. If you or a loved one know this empty feeling because of a death that came too early, you may need an attorney to help make you whole.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to resort to a financial remedy because we could have the loved one back. If you have questions about wrongful death or if you’d like to talk to someone about your options call DeMayo Law Offices. If it’s still too sad to talk about just chat with us on the website. We’ll take care of you.

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