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So Many Attorneys So Little Time… (Part 1 of 2)

Posted on December 2013    

If you have been looking for an attorney in Charlotte or North Carolina, you may have noticed there are a ton of newly minted attorneys. Most recently, I heard about the rise in the number of attorneys in Charlotte and the numbers are surprising. As of recent, there are four thousand attorneys who are licensed to practice in North Carolina. That number is astounding.

If the number of attorneys gauged certain indicators similar to other professions this surge would indicate that a career as an attorney must be a great way to make “good money.” After all, that’s the perception, right?

What are the reasons for the recent substantial growth in the number of people who are willing to subject themselves to three years of law school? There can be a number of reasons. One reason, and most importantly, when deciding which attorney to help with your case, for example, a personal injury case is the reason that attorney chose the particular career path. Different strokes for different folks, right? Well, some people become attorneys because that’s what their father did and his father before him. Others attend law school and subsequently become attorneys because that’s all they’ve ever wanted to do. There are even those who go because they don’t know what else they want to do.

Why should you care? Well, it’s important to understand the reasoning to understand the type of person they are and inherently, the type of attorney you are choosing to work with. If you have been hurt in an auto accident, at work, or even fell on someone else’s property you are most likely searching for a personal injury attorney.

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