What To Do If You Have Been Injured

A personal injury can have a huge impact on the way you live your life. Whether you are involved in an auto accident, dog bite, defective product, or any other incident that harmed you, the resulting injuries can be devastating.

No matter what type of personal injury you may have suffered, there are certain steps that you should always follow to better help your personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. After suffering a personal injury, you should:

  • Get Medical Attention – If you have injured yourself, seek medical attention as quickly as possible. A doctor will help evaluate all the injuries you have suffered, even if you don’t feel hurt immediately following the incident.
  • Obtain Contact Information – If you suffered a personal injury, it is important to get the contact information of all involved parties. If it was a premises liability injury, get the contact information of the property manager. If it was an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident, get the contact information of all other drivers and witnesses.
  • Preserve Evidence – Evidence can be the best aid in your personal injury lawsuit. You should take photographs of the accident area, property condition, product, etc. that caused your personal injury. Also, be sure to take pictures of your injuries to better document the suffering you were forced to experience.
  • Find Witnesses – If there were any witnesses that saw what happened and how you were injured, get their contact information. A witness that can verify that you suffered a personal injury as a result of the negligence of another person can be very helpful to your personal injury claim.
  • Contact Authorities – In situations like auto, truck, and motorcycle accident, a police report can aid your personal injury claim because it can establish who was at fault for the accident.
  • Take Notes – From the time immediately following your personal injury to the time you obtain your settlement, it is a good idea to take extensive notes on everything relating to your personal injury. Take notes on what exactly occurred to cause the personal injury, who you spoke to about the personal injury, what statements people made following the personal injury, and what insurance companies or adjusters you spoke to.

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