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One Huge Reason Why Medical Product Victims Never Hire Legal Counsel

Posted on May 2013    

As someone who was hurt by a defective medical instrument or piece of equipment in South Carolina, you know you need to “do something” to protect your rights and punish the physician or company responsible for the devastation.

You’re not a student of the law. You lack the education to go to trial or fight for a settlement. You are not equipped to understand what games insurance companies might play to reduce your settlement claim or otherwise trick you into giving up your rights.

If you don’t advocate for your rights, forcibly and soon, your ability to get good results will diminish and ultimately disappear, per the statutes of limitation or other factors.

Finally, you know that there are many–perhaps dozens–of effective lawyers who can give you advice about whether you have a case, should pursue action, how you should pursue it, and so forth.

But you are still not taking action. The question is: why?

It’s a question worth dwelling on, because a lot of injured people who would otherwise benefit hugely from talking to a good attorney, never do. They suffer for years, if not decades, because of a simple lack of communication.

So why don’t all injured people in North Carolina consult with law firms?

The answer has to do with our cultural conditioning. When you think about who you are, certain attributes and descriptors come to mind. For instance, you might think of yourself as “independent” or “someone who doesn’t like lawyers.”

We subconsciously make decisions based on these deeply held, but never verbalized, philosophies of ourselves. If you look logically at a situation, the tradeoffs are ridiculously imbalanced. By calling a law firm, you would have to temporarily challenge an idiosyncratic (and probably not very logically taut) notion that you are “not someone who works with lawyers.” But the payoff can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars and more clarity and happiness for the rest of your life. Meanwhile, if you fail to dig up and challenge beliefs that are holding you back from getting help, the consequences could be dire.

Whether you call the team at DeMayo Law Offices at (877) 333-1000, or reach out to a different law firm, give your resistance some deep thought. Don’t be afraid to challenge your prevailing subconscious beliefs to protect your and your family’s long-term destiny and financial health.

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