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Hickory Social Security Disability Lawyers

Physical and mental disabilities are common throughout the United States. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 61% of American adults have some type of disability, and 26.8% of adults in North Carolina are currently living with a disability. Disabilities come in many different forms and levels of severity. However, in many cases, a disability can impact your ability to work, participate in activities, and even care for your daily needs.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) found that 25% of workers will become disabled before they retire. However, no one expects to acquire a life-altering disability, and most likely, have not planned for this devastating possibility. Fortunately, a government program called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) can help support you financially if you can no longer work.

However, applying for benefits is complex, and many people are unfairly denied the benefits they need. You and your loved ones cannot afford to wait for these essential benefits, and the Hickory Social Security Disability lawyers at DeMayo Law Offices are ready to help.

DeMayo Law Offices understands the importance of financial support when a disability prevents you from working. We are prepared to use aggressive legal tactics and fight on your behalf, so you receive the SSD benefits you need as soon as possible. Whether you are applying for benefits or appealing a rejected claim, DeMayo Law Offices will offer you skilled legal advice throughout this process.

When your financial stability is at stake, you cannot afford to take any chances with your SSD claim. Start working with a skilled disability law firm on your claim right now, by calling DeMayo Law Offices at (828) 345-1111.

Why You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Applying for SSDI is a long and confusing process. The application requires extensive documentation, and you may need to gather additional statements from doctors and therapists to explain the full extent of your condition. If you forget a document or make any mistakes while filing, Social Security may deny your request. Even if you follow the application procedure perfectly, this subjective review of your disability may still lead to a rejected claim.

Approximately 65% of all Social Security disability claims are denied during their first review. This fact is disheartening and may make applying for benefits feel pointless. However, when you work with a skilled Social Security disability lawyer, you greatly increase the likelihood that you will receive the benefits you need.

Your lawyer knows what type of information reviewers look for in an application, and they will spend their time gathering evidence to make the strongest claim possible. Your lawyer will review your medical records and work directly with your medical provider to determine what information and tests are pertinent for your claim. They will also stay in contact with the SSA on your behalf to ensure that your application is reviewed promptly.

Most importantly, if your SSD claim is denied, your lawyer will be prepared to fight on your behalf. They will help you navigate the appeals process and represent you at a disability hearing if necessary.

When you and your loved ones are facing lost income due to disability, you cannot afford to wait for Social Security benefits. You need to work with an attorney who understands the Social Security process and can help you get the benefits you need.

Why Choose DeMayo Law Offices

DeMayo Law Offices, has nearly 30 years of experience supporting and protecting our clients in North Carolina. During this time, we have worked on over 92,000 cases in all areas of practice, which has given our attorneys the experience necessary to take on your case. Our attorneys understand how the SSA functions and the complexities involved in creating a strong SSD claim.

We will use our extensive legal knowledge to guide you through each part of your SSD claim and ensure that we implement the most effective tactics for your case. DeMayo Law Offices knows that every SSD claim is different and will come with unique challenges. That is why we take the time to get to know you and your needs, so we can offer you personalized legal counsel that meets your needs.

DeMayo Law Offices is prepared to fight for you and do everything in our power to help you receive the SSD benefits that you deserve.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

SSD provides payments to people who cannot work as a result of their disability. You are eligible for these benefits if you have a documented medical condition that prevents you from working for at least one year. However, there are many different requirements that you must meet for Social Security to accept your disability benefits claim.

The first of these requirements involves proving that your medical condition fits the SSA’s definition of a disability. This may involve providing documentation that your disability is severe and significantly limits your ability to perform basic work tasks.

Even if your disability prevents you from performing your current job, you may not qualify for disability benefits if you are capable of performing some other type of work. Additionally, SSDI benefits are not available for people with partial or short-term disabilities.

The second requirement for receiving disability benefits involves demonstrating that you have worked for a sufficient amount of time at a job covered by Social Security. In most jobs, a portion of each of your paychecks is sent to Social Security.

This money acts as a form of insurance, which Social Security will use to pay your benefits if you are no longer able to work. Depending on your age and how long you have worked, Social Security will determine if you qualify for disability benefits.

How Much Do Social Security Benefits Pay?

The SSA uses a complex formula to calculate your SSDI benefits. However, the primary factors that determine the amount of money you receive are your average monthly income and the amount that you have paid to Social Security over your lifetime.

In most cases, you may be able to receive between $800 and $1,800 per month from Social Security. In May 2020, the SSA reported that the average monthly disability payment was $1,258.98. Each year, the average monthly payment may increase slightly to adjust for inflation, but it is unlikely that this will significantly impact the amount of money you receive.

What Disabilities Qualify for Social Security Benefits?

Federal laws have created a strict definition of disability to determine who is qualified to receive social security benefits. These laws dictate how Social Security evaluates both the type and severity of the medical condition you are facing to determine your eligibility. In many cases, the review of your disability is subjective, which can lead to mistakes and numerous incorrectly rejected claims.

However, Social Security regulations describe the qualifying criteria for a variety of physical and mental conditions. Some of the most common medical conditions which may qualify you for benefits include:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Heart failure
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Diabetes
  • Immune system disorders
  • Cancer

No matter what type of medical condition you experience, you must be able to demonstrate that your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working. Reading the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book Manual can help you identify if your medical condition meets the appropriate criteria for benefits.

Even if your condition does not meet all of the requirements listed in the manual, Social Security may still review your application to determine if you are eligible to receive benefits. With the help of a skilled Social Security disability attorney, you can make a strong case to explain your circumstances and why you are qualified for benefits.

Who Determines If My Disability Qualifies?

If you meet the work-based requirements for SSDI, an agent at the North Carolina Disability Determination Services office will review your medical records with a team of doctors and disability specialists. This team will contact your medical providers to ask questions about your condition, such as:

  • When did the condition begin?
  • What are the results of any relevant medical tests?
  • What treatments have you received?
  • What impact has treatment had on your condition?
  • How does your condition limit your activities?
  • Are you capable of performing physical tasks like stooping, reaching, squatting, bending, pushing, pulling, standing, lifting weight, and walking?
  • Can you perform cognitive tasks such as remembering information?

Your doctor’s information and your medical records will help determine the severity of your disability. If they cannot make a decision based on the information you and your doctors provide, you may have to visit an SSA doctor for an additional examination.

Contact a Hickory Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you or a loved one has a disability that prevents you from working, you need SSDI benefits to provide support during this difficult time. You need a strong case to prove that you are qualified to receive benefits, and the Hickory SSD lawyers at DeMayo Law Offices are ready to help. Set up a free consultation with DeMayo Law Offices today by calling (828) 345-1111.