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Do You Really Need to Hire A Social Security Disability Law Firm?

Posted on June 2013    

How many injured and sick people really need a North Carolina Social Security Disability law firm to handle their claims?

Truth be told, not everybody does!

That may be surprising to read on this blog, given that DeMayo Law Offices is dedicated to finding and helping people who need help with their benefits cases.

But some people just intuitively understand how to navigate the system. Other people may be so sick that they can easily “jump the queue” via the Compassionate Allowances Program. For instance, if you or someone you love is suffering from an end-stage cancer or horrific neurological disease, your disease might be included in the Compassionate Allowances catalogue of 200-plus medical problems that qualify for beneficiaries at a faster assistance rate.

On the other hand, the statistics suggest that almost everybody can benefit from at least consulting with a legitimate and experienced Charlotte Social Security Disability law firm.

It’s actually odd that ‘would-be beneficiaries’ do not consider a strategy of first resort. After all:

  • When you get seriously injured or sick, what’s your first strategy? Go to the doctor or hospital.
  • When your plumbing bursts and your house floods, what’s your first strategy? Call a plumber.
  • When you’re on the road and starving, what’s your strategy of first resort? Find a restaurant or supermarket!

If you got seriously injured, would you ever try to “treat yourself” at home using homemade bandages and poultices? Hopefully not! \

If your house just suddenly flooded because of burst pipes, would think to grab your wrench and open a “plumbing website” to try to figure things out yourself? Absolutely not. (That would be crazy.) If you were out of town and starving, would you try to grow your own garden or hunt your own game? No — that would be a total waste of your time and resources, and your chance of success will be zero.

The analogy, hopefully, is now clear.

The quest for Social Security Disability benefits is a complex, multifaceted, dynamic, and often counterintuitive process. Why would you ever try to parse through it all yourself?

Of course, you want to find a reputable team to help you manage the endeavor. Whether you call DeMayo Law Offices at [phone-number[ and talk to us about your matter or call a different firm, do yourself a favor and avoid the “DIY” route. Get thorough insight into your case so you can make strategic, effective decisions about what to do next.

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