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6.5 Million More Airbags Recalled

Posted on May 2015    

Nissan and Toyota have expanded their recall of airbags by an additional 6.5 million vehicles manufactured between March of 2003 and November of 2007. The majority of the recalled vehicles are 35 different Toyota models.

This most recent Toyota recall accounts for 5 million of the 6.5 million recalled vehicles. The recalled Nissan vehicles total 1.5 million and were manufactured between 2004 and 2007. Takata, the manufacturer of the airbags announced that it would cooperate with the recall.

The cause of this most recent recall is related to a moisture problem that could cause the airbags to deploy incorrectly in the event of a collision or car accident. The previous recall that has been highly publicized and involves over 10+ million vehicles is related to injuries resulting from shrapnel released during airbag deployment. Some information indicates that Takata engineers may have known about certain problems with the airbags as early as 10 years ago. The deaths of at least five people have been caused by faulty airbags.

Manufacturers of motor vehicles and all products have a duty to place safe products on the market. When injuries occur because of the negligence of a manufacturer in its design of a product, that manufacturer can be held responsible for those damages.

Anyone with a vehicle that they believe may be linked to this or any vehicle safety recall should always contact their dealer immediately to make sure that they are safe to drive it.  Anyone injured by a dangerous product should contact an experienced attorney to help them investigate their rights.

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