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A Rock (You) A Hard Place

Posted on July 2013    

As a North Carolina Social Security Disability attorney, I hear from several people across the State who are between ‘a rock and a hard place.’ If you or a loved one have ever needed SSD benefits, than you know all too well the hard place I am referring to. One of the crucial components of an application for benefits is the medical history. In order for someone to be eligible for benefits, the Social Security Administration requires a detailed list of your medical history including an exhaustive list of prescriptions the applicant is taking.

To someone who has health insurance, this is an easier burden to overcome; however, to the thousands of people in North Carolina who are in desperate need of some relief, going to a doctor—much less a specialist—can be a barrier in trying to get your benefits. It is forever disheartening to hear the struggles people go through in fighting against the bureaucratic nightmare that is the SSA.

Recently, I made it part of my weekly personal goal to find ways to help minimize the costs of medical treatment and prescriptions—especially for people who are not able to afford the luxury that is health insurance. And believe me—these days it is a luxury!

I stumbled across a website that is referenced on ‘’ – As best I can tell, it is a non-profit organization that works in conjunction with the National Council on Aging. You go to the page and enter your zip code and can find local programs that help pay for prescriptions, medical assistance, and food programs. DeMayo Law Offices is not endorsing the site, however, we are trying to find ways to help people in North Carolina who need help applying for social security disability benefits get the medical care they need and subsequently the medical history someone may need.

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