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A Huge Mistake That So Many Would-be North Carolina Social Security Disability Beneficiaries Make When Speaking with Their Doctors…

Posted on June 2013    

Whether you suffered a horrible, disfiguring injury at work or got extremely sick out of the blue, you need North Carolina Social Security Disability benefits to make ends meet and to reduce uncertainty in your future.

Unfortunately, the path to success is often crooked and counterintuitive.

For instance, many ‘would-be beneficiaries’ do not know how to interact with their doctors to maximize their chances of benefits. Obviously, when you talk to your physician, you want to be totally honest — you never want to pretend to have something that you don’t have or act unethically. However, you also want to follow “best practices” to maximize results. Here are four:

  1. Be consistent when you talk about your injury/illness. You may be suffering from two dozen types of aches, pains, and symptoms, but if you talk about different symptoms every time you go to your doctor — even if you genuinely suffer from those symptoms — then your case will look scattershot. Obviously, you want to tell your doctor all relevant information, but be consistent in your medical story. Judges will take note of that.
  2. Make sure your doctor and/or he/her helpers write down your complaints every time. A written record of your medical treatment can be incredibly powerful evidence. Unfortunately, not all physicians (and other caregivers) take meticulous notes. Double check. Make sure everyone who treats you writes down exactly what you say and what happened during the checkup.
  3. Stand up for yourself as a patient. When we are sick, fatigued, or defeated by life, we may fail to stick up for ourselves appropriately. Doctors are busy, and you may feel awkward or intimidated about questioning a doctor’s judgment or demanding a more thorough explanation of concepts you don’t fully understand. Touching again on the theme of persistence — which we’ve been hammering recently — you need to be persistent and demand clear, thorough answers to your medical questions. The deeper you understand your prognosis and your treatment options, the better you will be able take care of yourself.
  4. Educate yourself as a Social Security Disability client as soon as you can in the process. The team here at DeMayo Law Offices has succeeded in hundreds of cases like yours, and we can help you analyze what to do and how to deal with the other challenges that you and your family face. Call us now at (877) 333-1000.

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