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Winning Your North Carolina Social Security Disability Case: Persistence to “Stay with Your Problem” Longer

Posted on June 2013    

If you’ve been struggling with your North Carolina Social Security Disability situation, buckle down and work on your grit. Life’s most intractable problems often “give way” if you expend enough effort and energy to break them down. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, you don’t necessarily need to be smart to “be a genius” — you just need to “stay with problems longer.”
In other words, pursuing justice in your case will not necessarily be easy.

The Social Security Disability bureaucracy is intense, and the queue may be long and difficult to wait through. You may find yourself feeling scared, doubtful, intimidated, and fatigued. That happens. There are times in life when we feel challenged to our very core. But to get what we truly want, we often must forge through our fears and persist in the face of intimidating difficulties.

There is a difference, however, between relentless pursuit of excellence and bullheadedness.

Before you expend massive amounts of time and energy executing your current plan, stop and think. You need to pay attention to a very key distinction. There is a difference between giving 110% to your quest and being bullheaded. Success often requires innovation and “pivoting.”

You need to maintain focus on your end goal — be it a monetary goal for your Social Security Disability or supplemental security income benefits or a health goal, etc. At the same time, you need to be open to changing the strategies you use to achieve that goal.

Pivoting is very important. If you cannot pivot — if you cannot adapt to circumstances and change your methodologies as need be — then persistence won’t get you very far. You can’t run through a mountain, no matter how fast you run. If you keep hitting a wall, you need to back up and figure out a way to go over or around the mountain.

To put it in more grounded terms for you — over the past several days or weeks, you may have been working on your Social Security Disability case by yourself. You have been reading blogs, going over forms, or perhaps talking to other people in online forums. But you’ve been doing all this yourself. This route is often extremely difficult and fraught. You may make mistakes regarding how to talk to your doctor, completing your paperwork, or with your timelines that can lead you to spend much longer in the queue than you need to spend.

Maybe it’s time, right now, for you to take that positive energy and direct it in a different way — pivot by calling DeMayo Law Offices team today to get a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your case. Our experienced, astute legal team is here to help you gain clarity and make progress.

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