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What If You Couldn’t Fall Back on North Carolina Social Security Disability?

Posted on June 2013    

Right now, you are in a desperate quest to secure a North Carolina Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim. You are sick or injured (or both), and you need financial assistance. Perhaps, you have already tapped the goodwill of friends and family members and are eating into your emergency savings at an alarming rate.

By your current reckoning, Social Security Disability benefits may be your last and best hope to preserve your financial stability.

With all that pressure on you–and the stakes so high–it’s no wonder you feel upset and confused by every minor setback with respect to your claim. You have, in a sense, “given over” your security and potential health to the “gods” of chance.

If the judge approves your claim, then you will succeed and be secure enough to live how you want to live. If not, you won’t. That kind of deal is incredibly disempowering.

When you hand over your future to somebody else–or some institution–you surrender control, and that act, in and of itself, can devastate your self-esteem and lead to a kind of psychological “doom loop.”

How about this instead?

Why not take some time and bravely confront the worst case scenario?

Imagine a world in which you don’t get the benefits. What would you do? How would you survive? Truth be told, you are almost certainly blowing your fears out of proportion. You are certainly overlooking resources–or potential resources–that you could use to cover yourself or help manage your circumstances.

For instance, perhaps you have made the assumption that you are going to keep your house and live in it for the next six years. If you lost your benefits, you’d have to give up the house and potentially move in with a relative or friend or move to a small apartment.

Well, would that be so bad? You might be able to live with that.

Confront your worst fears. Deeply ponder what it would be like to lose your case and you will invent resources to deal with a spate of problems. Once you have those resources “in your back pocket,” you can make far more aggressive progress with your case. Call the DeMayo Law Offices now for assistance with your claim.

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