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Rebuild Your Self-Esteem: A Guide for North Carolina SSD Beneficiaries

Posted on December 2017    

Social Security Disability (SSD) beneficiaries often endure epic crises of confidence and self-esteem following a rejection notice.

According to one report, at least one third of individuals involved in a nonfatal accident develop post-traumatic stress disorder, varying degrees of anxiety, depression, and phobias.

Even if you were a happy, content person before an accident or illness, you may find yourself bereft of emotional and physical support and spending an inordinate amount time dwelling on mortality, pain, and a lack of abundance in your life.

When you’re down, the fortitude required to pursue a social security disability claim might be out of reach. Here are some ways to overcome the anxiety and self-doubt of rejection:

Rebuilding Self-Esteem

  • Write it out: one of the easiest ways to access your self-esteem is to document your feelings. Start a journal: highlight personal strengths and analyze areas you’d like to improve. Set goals and use the journal to track progress. Review goals daily to keep them at the forefront of your thoughts.
  • Build a healthy food routine: eating well after an accident or injury can sometimes feel laborious and unappealing. Take time to organize a meal plan and prepare food thoughtfully, even if you’re dining alone. Turn off the TV, set the table, and eat every meal with gratitude.
  • Get in motion: exercise is a great way to capitalize on the body’s natural endorphins. Endorphins help mitigate pain and often produce a feeling of euphoria. If you’re able, make time for exercise; this might include a walk around the block or taking a class at the local gym. Whatever you do, make it something you’ll enjoy.
  • Get good sleep: sleep is something most people take for granted, and a lack of it, can provoke irritability, fatigue, and further depression. Eating right and exercising are great ways to build a strong sleep routine. You might also try avoiding caffeine or practicing meditation to improve regular sleep patterns.
  • Tidy up: a great way to feel productive is to tidy your living space. Reorganize closets, pantries, and cupboards; clear out old clothes and home goods you don’t need or want anymore and make a donation. A clean space makes it easier to focus on other things like recovery.

Self-Esteem Is Important to Your SSD benefits

Poor self-esteem certainly impacts personal aspects of one’s life, but it can also impact you financially. If you’re injured or sick and need to access social security disability benefits, a clear head is critical.

Let’s say you go to the doctor but don’t communicate your struggles or symptoms. You know your doctor should document your complaints because the information will impact an accessor or judge’s decision to grant you benefits. But because you’re lacking confidence or suffering from fatigue, you say nothing. As a result, the doctor fails to record your symptoms and your potential SSD claim suffers.

Your self-esteem and self-confidence are important for reasons that transcend your social security disability case, however, financial stress and burden have been known to exacerbate anxiety or depression, which in turn cause further physical pain.

No one deserves to suffer, so ensuring the likelihood of approval is not just critical to your financial future, but your mental and physical health as well.

That being said, most applicants are denied benefits and many give up when they are rejected. But a rejection notice from the Social Security Administration is not the final say on the matter. While the appeals process is lengthy and not necessarily a sure thing, several applicants have found that with an experienced SSD lawyer, they’re able to get the help they need so they can focus on recovery.

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